The Winter Springs Town Center District is located in the geographic center, the "Heart", of the City of Winter Springs.  The Town Center is a mixed-use development which provides an urban center where community cultural events and activities are hosted year-round.  The City's Town Center District Code was originally written by Dover-Kohl & Partners and was adopted by the City Commission in 2000.  This Code was one of the first "form-based" codes adopted in the United States and was originally written as a "street-based code" where building standards are tied to street types. As time and development progressed, some limitations of the street-based code became evident. Because of the "one size fits all" methodology of the street based code, it became increasingly difficult to develop the outer edges of the Town Center because of compatibility issues with existing Euclidian zoned subdivisions. On August 1, 2011, Dover-Kohl & Partners and city staff presented a workshop to the Winter Springs City Commission recommending a re-write of the code utilizing a transect based approach, while preserving several of the existing elements in the original code.

At the conclusion of this workshop, the City Commission unanimously directed staff to complete a re-write to incorporate the concepts of the "transect".  This re-write was completed in-house by the Winter Springs Community Development Department, with an estimated cost savings of $75,000 to the City's taxpayers and was completed within seven (7) months from the Commission's directive. On March 12, 2012, the City of Winter Springs City Commission unanimously adopted the re-write of the code.

On July 19, 2012, the American Planning Association Florida Chapter Executive Committee, commended staff for the exceptional effort represented by the City of Winter Springs Town Center District Code by awarding the City with the prestigious 2012 Award of Merit in the Neighborhood Planning category.  Staff recently accepted the award during the Awards Luncheon during the 2012 Annual State Conference held at the Waldorf Astoria in Naples, Florida.

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From left to right: Allison Megrath, Florida APA, Randy Woodruff, AICP, Bobby Howell, AICP, Merle Bishop, Florida APA Immediate Past-President.