ePlans ProjectDox Mac O.S. New User Setup
Mac OS Setup
Step 1: Install Microsoft Silverlight
On a Macintosh system, the following requirements must be met:
Mac System requirements for Silverlight 5 -
Macintosh OS 10.5.7+ (Intel-based), Browsers supported: Firefox 3.6+ and
Safari 4+
Mac System requirements for Silverlight 4 -
Macintosh OS 10.4.11+ (Intel-based), Browsers supported: Firefox 3+ and
Safari 3+
This older version no longer exists individually for download on the Microsoft Silverlight website. Microsoft offers Silverlight 4 bundled with developer software. Therefore, you must search the internet yourself and download this version from an outside third party vendor and use at your own risk.  
Step 2: You Must Also Install Adobe Flash Player.
Adobe Flash Player is required to be installed for viewing files in ePlan.
Step 3: Restart your computer to ensure the downloads take effect.
Step4: Install ProjectDox Components viewer software
Continue to the Login Portal Page to Install ProjectDox Components to setup the necessary viewer software.

Due to the vast differences in Operating Systems and Browsers available, the City of Winter Springs must state the following: This guide is designed as a Quick Reference to the processes set forth from various software vendors websites. The City of Winter Springs recommends reading the instructions and download information directly from those vendors to ensure the information is up to date, accurate, and acceptable for your computer. The City of Winter springs can not offer support for Browers that are supported ePlans ProjectDox software vendor. This reference guide is not designed as a comprehensive set of directions. The City reserves the right to change this document without notice. All users taking instruction from this document may do so at your own risk.