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The U.S.17-92 Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) was established in 1997 and its mission is "to realize the full economic and functional potential of the U.S.17-92 corridor through strategic and timely investments that enhance the competitiveness and desirability of the corridor for the business community and public at large".  The CRA is implemented under the direction of the Seminole County Board of County Commissioners, who serve as the members of the CRA.  Winter Springs along with the cities of Casselberry, Lake Mary, and Sanford participate by serving on the U.S. 17-92 Redevelopment Planning Agency (RPA).  The RPA was created in 1998 and serves as the primary advisory committee to the CRA.
The U.S.17-92 Corridor Redevelopment Plan, adopted by the County and the participating cities in 1997, contains goals and objectives related to land use planning, infrastructure and services, land development regulations, economic development, housing and aesthetic design.  Each year, an annual activity plan containing a list of projects consistent with the goals and objectives of the Plan is prepared by the RPA and forwarded to the CRA for final approval and funding authorization.

The CRA program is funded through the U.S.17-92 Redevelopment Trust Fund.  The Trust Fund utilizes tax increment financing to fund the implementation of the Redevelopment Plan.  Tax increment financing relies on the annual tax revenues generated from the appreciation of property values with the CRA above an established base level (1997).  Consequently, as the property values increase within the redevelopment area, the tax increment revenues dedicated to the CRA also increase.  The participating cities and the County each make an annual tax increment contribution to the U.S.17-92 Redevelopment Trust Fund.  The CRA program uses public funds leveraged with private funds to create new projects or rehabilitate existing ones without creating additional taxes or fees.

Services Offered under the CRA:

Development Liaison and Expedited Permitting- Provides express servicing/processing of development permits to encourage the location, expansion or redevelopment of properties within the CRA.

Facility Location Program- Provides a mechanism for assisting in the recruitment of businesses to the CRA and includes GIS maps and information, a list of market-ready sites, link to other programs (federal, state and local) associated with economic development, and a liaison with the area's real estate professional and local chambers of commerce.

Public Spaces and Streetscape Improvement Program- Provides financial support and assistance to redevelopment projects that enhance the public spaces and lands within the CRA through improvements including pedestrian amenities, mast arm signal conversions, street amenities such as lighting and benches, intersection improvements, public parks and green space enhancements.

For more information, please contact:
Sonia Nordelo, U.S. 17-92 CRA Program Manager