Arbor and Beautification

Tree City

The City of Winter Springs has been proudly named by the Arbor Day Foundation an official Tree City for over 25 years.

Chapter Five in the Winter Springs Code of Ordinances to dedicated solely to "Tree Protection and Preservation" with the purpose "to establish protective regulations for trees within the city in order to maintain and protect the city forest, to better control problems of flooding, soil conservation, air pollution and noise, and to make the city a healthier, more attractive and safer place in which to live."

Tree Removal & Replacement

The City requires that a permit application and fee is submitted for each tree removal of 4” dbh or larger, unless the tree is dead, diseased, or poses a clear and obvious safety hazard to structures or people. In addition, all trees which are removed or destroyed and are subject to replacement.

For additional questions regarding the arbor permitting process, please contact Community Development at 407-327-5963.

Explore Outdoors

Explore Outdoors is the City's annual Arbor Day Celebration. Each year, this event features the City’s Tree Giveaway with educational presentations, a variety of outdoor and recreation activities, a free kid's play area, live entertainment, and local shopping & food vendors.

Check our Community Events page for updates on our 2019 Explore Outdoors.

Decorative Street Signage & Lighting

Subdivisions desiring an upgrade to decorative street lighting and/or street signs along public roadways should the City Arborist & Beautification Coordinator. The City will reimburse a participating community the monthly 'base rate' for each upgraded streetlight in the program. Street lighting upgrades must be located along a public street to qualify for reimbursement. Decorative streetlights and signs are required in the Winter Springs Town Center District for all new development.

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