Garage/Yard Sale Permits

Online3.pngPlease fill in the below application to file for an online garage sale permit. Our department will process your request and provide a garage sale confirmation number within one business day. Garage sale permits are offered at no charge.

Garage/yard sale signs: A garage Sale sign is permitted on the Sale premises only. The sign shall not exceed six (6) square feet in area. The Garage Sale sign must be removed at the end of the sale.

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Sec. 10-137. At-home sales.

(a) Sales on residential property of new or used goods, wares, or merchandise, generally outdoors, and known variously as carport, garage, yard, sidewalk, attic, basement, rummage, tent, estate sales, or any similar sales, shall be held only after a permit for such sale is obtained from the city building department. Such sales on residential property shall be held only by the resident(s) of the property and shall be of no longer duration than six (6) days total for each sale. No more than two (2) such sales shall be held during any twelve-month period by any person or organization. No retail or wholesale merchant shall hold any such sale on residential property.

**PLEASE NOTE** Our office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. All request for Garage Sale Permits applied for after 5:00 PM Friday cannot be issued for that weekend.