Planning and Land Development Division

Land Development.jpgThe Planning and Land Development Division guides and facilitates orderly growth for the City of Winter Springs, in order to maintain and enhance the quality of life within the City, through the implementation of the City's development regulations and ordinances, comprehensive plan, and by anticipation of future needs.

The Planning and Land Development Division serves as a liaison to the Planning and Zoning Board/ Local Planning Agency, Board of Adjustment, and various other Boards and Committees that may be established from time-to-time as well as the City Commission in review of applications for subdivisions, annexations, and other land development applications. The Planning and Land Development Division is made up of two sections: Comprehensive Planning and Land Development.

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Comprehensive Planning is responsible for preparing, updating and implementing the provisions of the Comprehensive Plan, reviewing Land Development Regulations and revising as necessary for consistency with the Comprehensive Plan, processing annexations, land use and zoning applications, Developments of Regional Impact, updating demographic information, and keeping the future land use and zoning maps current.

Comprehensive Planning is committed to the long-range study of the pressures to expand infrastructure, services, housing, and jobs within our planning jurisdiction and works cooperatively with our neighboring jurisdictions and coordinates with regulatory agencies to achieve this end.

Comprehensive Planning processes and reviews Applications for:

Land Development provides a comprehensive review of all development proposals within the City of Winter Springs and coordinates that review with other divisions of the Department, other departments of the City and other agencies of the County and State. Land Development is responsible for assisting customers in complying with the City's Zoning Ordinance, the Comprehensive Plan, and other land development regulations. These documents provide guidance, and control over the future development of Winter Springs so that the City's quality of life can be maintained and enhanced. Land Development also coordinates and assists with the development of and the revisions to the Land Development Code and the Comprehensive Plan.

Land Development is happy to answer your questions and guide you through the initial application process. A pre-application meeting is available at no charge for anyone considering application. This meeting will answer many of your questions and the resulting checklist will serve as your guide throughout the approval process and help you connect with City Staff. To Request a DRC Pre-Application Conference please contact our staff planners.

In addition, Land Development manages Staff Review meetings with applicants and provides professional and technical data and recommendations for land development proposals to the Planning and Zoning Board, Board of Adjustment and City Commission. The Staff can assist you with Lot Splits, Final Plats, Variances, Waivers, Special Exceptions, Conditional Use Requests, Developer's Agreements, Signage, Building Permit Compliance with Commission Approved Documents, Setback Compliance for Fences, Walls, Pool Enclosures, and Building Additions.


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