Welcome to the Finance & Administrative Services Department!

The Finance and Administrative Services Department is responsible for all financial systems, procedures, internal control processes, and reports that disclose the fiscal condition of the City to management, elected officials and the City's citizens.


  • Financial Reporting and Management Analysis: Accurately and timely reporting of historical and prospective financial information to both internal and external parties of interest.
  • Treasury Function: Maintains and manages the City's investment and debt portfolios
  • Revenue Collection: Bills for user services such as utilities as well as invoicing for any monies due under contractual agreements. The revenue cycle also includes collections for all amounts due and past due.
  • Cash Disbursements: Handles the City's obligations for goods received and services rendered by vendors and the services rendered by employees in accordance with contractual obligations, as well as state and local guidelines, policies and procedures.
  • Fixed Asset Management: Safeguards the City's assets including our "fixed assets".
  • Additional Services: Additional services include Human Resources, Information Services, and Marketing.

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