Welcome to Winter Springs Parks and Recreation! Our purpose is to serve you our customer by providing you with Safe Clean Parks, Quality Recreation programs & activities to maintain or improve your quality of life! We value the many different cultures, ages and experiences in Parks & Recreation because we believe It Starts in Parks. If we can help or make improvements in your neighborhood, please let us know.


Coaching in Life and Teaching through Activities. Our parks encourage healthy, active lifestyles as well as social development. Sound bodies and sound minds require physical activity and the chance to experience personal growth. Parks offer a wide range of activities suitable for all ages to get outside and get active - teaching positive lifestyle habits in all areas from nutrition to physical activities to sports and life skills.

Connecting to our Environment and Preserving our History. Florida's parks are key to connecting with our natural and historic treasures in order to preserve them. Connecting to everything around us and to each other, we learn to value our environment, our heritage, and our place in the world. We grow in our awareness of our responsibility to protect and cherish these things through green practices and gentle use, increasing our desire to preserve what we enjoy today for future generations.

Community Investment and Enrichment. Florida's parks have become an integral component to economic development as well as an investment in the arts and cultural growth within our communities. Winter Springs Parks provide the setting for social events, large and small where people can connect with each other, and participate in classes and group activities for personal enrichment. Parks also provide an investment in infrastructure needed to accommodate revenue generating sporting events and tourism, benefiting the local economy and community as a whole.

Join our team and together we can make Winter Spring the place to live in Seminole County!


Chris Caldwell,
Director of Parks & Recreation