Park Rules and Regulations

On January 23, 2012, the City of Winter Springs Commission adopted a Parks Ordinance. The City Commission finds that in order to provide essential recreational services to the public, the City must maintain reasonable rules and regulations regarding the operation of the City parks and other public recreational areas.

General Park Rules

1. All City Parks shall be closed during the evening time period from dusk (sunset) to dawn (sunrise) unless approved by the City. (Sec. 17-101)

2. No pets are allowed in any City Park (excluding service animals) with the exception of the Winter Springs Dog Park. (Sec. 17-107)

3. Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited unless authorized by the City. (Sec. 17-108)

4. Consumption of any tobacco product is prohibited in any “non-smoking/tobacco-free area.” (Sec. 17-108)

5. Sleeping, camping, or parking a vehicle overnight in a City Park is prohibited unless the City has designated areas for those purposes. (Sec. 17-111)

6. Glass containers are prohibited in any recreational area of a City Park. (Sec. 17-116)

7. It is prohibited to fire or discharge any weapon or fireworks. (Sec. 17-105)

8. The use of airsoft (plastic pellets) guns, paintball guns, paintball markers, and paintball equipment is prohibited unless in a designated area specified by the City. (Sec. 17-118)

9. Swimming in any waters or waterways in any City Park is prohibited unless authorized and posted by the City. (Sec. 17-118)

10. The City reserves the right to suspend the privilege of the use of any City Park. (Sec. 17-124)

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