Splash Playground Information

Beat the summer heat at the Winter Springs Splash Playgrounds! The Splash Playgrounds are open each year from April through October and are located at Torcaso and Trotwood Parks.

Hours of Operation

April 1 - October 31
Wednesdays - Sundays
10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (Weather Permitted)

Field Trips

If you would like to plan a field trip to one of our splash playgrounds, please call the Parks & Recreation Department at 407‑327‑6597. This would require renting our pavilion(s) to have use of the playground, courts, and open play areas. Field Trips and Daycare groups are permitted to use the splash pads on Thursdays only.

Membership Cards & Non-Resident Fees

Membership cards are available to incorporated Winter Springs residents and valid during the open season. Membership cards can be obtained on-site at the Splash Playgrounds from the attendant during operating days and hours or at City Hall during office hours.
Incorporated Residents: No charge for a membership card with proof of residency (ID/Driver's License)
Unincorporated residents can use the Splash Playgrounds for the small fee of $3.00 per person and day. The fee can be paid on-site at the Splash Playgrounds during operating days and hours or at City Hall during office hours. 
Unincorporated or Non-Residents: $3.00/Person/Day (Cash or Check Only)