Lake Jesup Reclamation Plant

reclamation-facility.jpgThe City of Winter Springs currently has two reclamation facilities that, through a rigorous treatment process, turn sewage into reclaimed water used for irrigation.  Although it is not of drinking water quality, the water is free of contaminants and is safe for irrigation purposes. Reclaimed water is much more desirable for irrigation than potable water because it is recycled and is not being withdrawn from the aquifer.  The City currently produces 2.2 million gallons of reclaimed water per day to supply 1,644 homes, one golf course, City parks, and public medians and rights-of-way.

In 2013, the City finished construction on the Lake Jesup Reclamation Facility.  This facility will allow the City to expand its service of reclaimed water to all the citizens of Winter Springs.  The goal of the future expansion project is to meet the mandate of the St. Johns River Water Management District to reduce groundwater withdrawals.  The 20 year plan seeks to replace all potable water used for irrigation with reclaimed water.  This will involve installing additional piping to supply the reclaimed water to all homes.  The expansion of the reclaimed piping will be conducted in phases with the first phase extending service to 2,500 homes.