Final Budget 2003

Since the 2003 Final Budget was adopted in September 2002, there have been numerous budget amendments which are not reflected in this document. The 2003 Final Revised Budget is contained in its entirety in the 2004 Final Budget document.

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Table of Contents
Final Budget FY 2002/2003
Page #
Fund Balance Recap B-1
Revenue Recap B-2 & B-3
Expenditure Recap by Department B-4
Executive - Summary C-1
Executive - Commission C-2
Executive - Boards C-3
Executive - City Manager C-4
Executive - City Clerk C-5
General Government - Summary C-6
General Government - Legal Services C-7
General Government - General C-8
Finance - Summary C-9
Finance - General C-10
Finance - Meter Services C-11
Finance - Utility Billing & Customer Service C-12
General Services - Summary C-13
General Services - Administration C-14
General Services - Human Resources C-15
General Services - Purchasing C-16
General Services - City Hall C-17
General Services - Risk Management C-18
General Services - Library C-19
Information Systems C-20
Public Works - Summary C-21
Public Works - Engineering C-22
Public Works - General C-23
Public Works - 434 Beautification C-24
Community Development - Summary C-25
Com Dev - Administration & Planning C-26
Com Dev - Long Range Planning C-27
Com Dev - Development Review C-28
Com Dev - Building - Plans & Inspections C-29
Com Dev - Building - Permit Office C-30
Com Dev - Delinquent Permit Fees C-31
Com Dev - Arbor C-32
Police - Summary C-33
Police - Office of the Chief C-34
Police - COPS Grant-Officer C-35
Police - COPS Grant-Equipment C-36
Police - Criminal Investigations Bureau C-37
Police - Operations Support Bureau C-38
Police - Operations Bureau C-39
Police - Informations Services Bureau C-40
Police - Technical Services Bureau C-41
Police - Code Enforcement C-42
Fire - Summary C-43
Fire - Administration C-44
Fire - EMS C-45
Fire - Prevention C-46
Fire - Operations C-47
Fire - Training C-48
Parks and Recreation - Summary C-49
Parks and Recreation - Administration C-50
Parks and Recreation - Athletics - General C-51
Parks and Recreation - Athletics - League C-52
Parks and Recreation - Athletics - Partnership C-53
Parks and Recreation - Concessions C-54
Parks and Recreation - Parks & Grounds C-55
Parks and Recreation - FRDAP#1 Grant C-56
Parks and Recreation - FRDAP#2 Grant C-57
Parks and Recreation - FRDAP#3 Grant C-58
Parks and Recreation - FRDAP#4 Grant C-59
Parks and Recreation - CDBG Grant C-60
Parks and Recreation - LWCF Grant C-61
Parks and Recreation - Program & Special Events C-62
Parks and Recreation - Seniors C-63
Revenue Recap by Fund D-1
Expenditure Recap by Fund D-2
Individual Funds:
Special Revenue Funds
Police Education Fund E-1
Special Law Enforcement Trust Fund E-2
Transportation Improvement Fund E-3
Land Acquistion Fund E-4
Solidwaste/Recycling Fund E-5
Arbor Fund E-6
Road Improvements Fund E-7
Stormwater Management Fund E-8
Transportation Impact Fee Fund E-9
Police Impact Fee Fund E-10
Fire Impact Fee Fund E-11
Medical Transport Services Fund E-12
Public Service Tax Fund E-13
Excise Tax Fund E-14
Electric Franchise Fee Fund E-15
Special Assessment Funds
Country Club Village
Streetlighting Fund E-16
TLBD Debt Service Fund E-17
TLBD Maintenance Fund E-18
TLBD Improvement Fund E-19
Oak Forest
Oak Forest Debt Service Fund E-20
Oak Forest Maintenance Fund E-21
Oak Forest Capital Fund E-22
Debt Service Funds
1993 Debt Service Fund E-23
1997 Debt Service Fund E-24
1999 Debt Service Fund E-25
2000 Information Systems Debt Service Fund E-26
Central Winds General Obligation Debt Service Fund E-27
Capital Project Funds
1997 Construction Fund E-28
1999 Construction Fund E-29
Revolving Rehabilitation Fund E-30
2000 Information Systems Project Fund E-31
Central Winds Expansion Fund E-32
Fund Recap F-1
Operating Department Revenues G-1
Operating Department Expenditures - G-2 G-2
Operating Department Expenditures - G-3 G-3
Operating Department Expenditures - G-4 G-4
Renewal & Replacement Department G-5
Revenue Generation Department G-6
1997 Utility Construction Department G-7
2000 Utility Construction Department G-8
Recap of General Fund Departmental new request H- 1- 4
Recap of Other Governmental Funds new request H-5
Recap of Enterprise Funds new request H-6
FY 02/03 Capital Outlays H- 7- 10