Final Budget 2004

This budget reflects amendments to the fiscal year 2003 and 2004 budgets resulting from the approval of Resolution 2003-45 on November 10, 2003.

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Table of Contents
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Final Budget FY 2003/2004
Page #
Fund Balance Recap B-1
Revenue Recap_page #1 B-2-3
Expenditure Recap by Department B-4
Executive - Summary C-1
Executive - Commission C-2
Executive - Boards C-3
Executive - City Manager C-4
Executive - City Clerk C-5
General Government - Summary C-6
General Government - Legal Services C-7
General Government - General C-8
Finance - Summary C-9
Finance - General C-10
Finance - Meter Services C-11
Finance - Utility Billing & Customer Service C-12
General Services - Summary C-13
General Services - Administration C-14
General Services - Human Resources C-15
General Services - Purchasing C-16
General Services - City Hall C-17
General Services - Risk Management C-18
General Services - Library C-19
Information Systems C-20
Public Works - Summary C-21
Public Works - Administration C-22
Public Works - Roads and ROW Maintenance C-23
Public Works - Fleet Maintenance C-24
Public Works - Facilities Maintenance C-25
Public Works - Capital Projects C-26
Public Works - Engineering C-27
Public Works - 434 Beautification C-28
Community Development - Summary C-29
Com Dev - Administration & Planning C-30
Com Dev - Long Range Planning C-31
Com Dev - Development Review C-32
Com Dev - Arbor C-33
Com Dev - Building - Plans & Inspections C-34
Com Dev - Building - Permit Office C-35
Com Dev - Delinquent Permit Fees C-36
Police - Summary C-37
Police - Office of the Chief C-38
Police - COPS Grant-Officer C-39
Police - COPS Grant-Equipment C-40
Police - Criminal Investigations Bureau C-41
Police - Operations Support Bureau C-42
Police - Operations Bureau C-43
Police - Informations Services Bureau C-44
Police - Technical Services Bureau C-45
Police - Code Enforcement C-46
Fire - Summary C-47
Fire - Administration C-48
Fire - EMS C-49
Fire - Prevention C-50
Fire - Operations C-51
Fire - Training C-52
Parks and Recreation - Summary C-53
Parks and Recreation - Administration C-54
Parks and Recreation - Athletics - General C-55
Parks and Recreation - Athletics - League C-56
Parks and Recreation - Athletics - Partnership C-57
Parks and Recreation - Concessions C-58
Parks and Recreation - Parks & Grounds C-59
Parks and Recreation - Program & Special Events C-60
Parks and Recreation - Seniors C-61
Parks and Recreation - FRDAP#1 Grant C-62
Parks and Recreation - FRDAP#2 Grant C-63
Parks and Recreation - FRDAP#3 Grant C-64
Parks and Recreation - FRDAP#4 Grant C-65
Parks and Recreation - FRDAP#5 Grant C-66
Parks and Recreation - CDBG#1 Grant C-67
Parks and Recreation - CDBG#2 Grant C-68
Parks and Recreation - LWCF Grant C-69
Revenue Recap by Fund D-1
Expenditure Recap by Fund D-2
Individual Funds:
Special Revenue Funds
Police Education Fund E-1
Special Law Enforcement Trust Fund E-2
Transportation Improvement Fund E-3
Parks Donation Fund E-4
Parks Impact Fee Fund E-5
Solidwaste/Recycling Fund E-6
Arbor Fund E-7
Road Improvements Fund E-8
Transportation Impact Fee Fund E-9
Police Impact Fee Fund E-10
Fire Impact Fee Fund E-11
Medical Transport Services Fund E-12
Public & Communications Services Fund E-13
Electric Franchise Fee Fund E-14
Special Assessment Funds
Country Club Village
Streetlighting Fund E-15
TLBD Debt Service Fund E-16
TLBD Maintenance Fund E-17
TLBD Improvement Fund E-18
Oak Forest
Oak Forest Debt Service Fund E-19
Oak Forest Maintenance Fund E-20
Oak Forest Capital Fund E-21
Debt Service Funds
2003 Debt Service Fund E-22
1997 Debt Service Fund E-23
1999 Debt Service Fund E-24
2000 Information Systems Debt Service Fund E-25
Central Winds General Obligation Debt Service Fund E-26
Capital Project Funds
1997 Construction Fund E-27
1999 Construction Fund E-28
Revolving Rehabilitation Fund E-29
2000 Information Systems Project Fund E-30
Central Winds Expansion Fund E-31
Water & Sewer Fund Recap F-1
Operating Department Revenues G-1
Operating Department Expenditures G-2-3
Renewal & Replacement Department G-4
Revenue Generation Department G-5
1997 Utility Construction Department G-6
2000 Utility Construction Department G-7
Development Services Fund Recap G-8
Development Services Summary G-9
Plans and Inspections Division G-10
Permits and License Division G-11
Delinquent Permits Division G-12
Stormwater Management Fund G-13
Recap of General Fund Departmental new request H- 1- 4
Recap of Other Governmental Funds new request H-5
Recap of Enterprise Funds new request H-6-7
FY 03/04 Capital Outlays H-8- 11