Commission District Map

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Commission Districts by Street Address

If you would like to know “What District Do I Live In?” or “Who Is My Commissioner?”, please click here to access a Commission District/Street List. The information on this list has been compiled referring to the “City of Winter Springs Commission District Map July 2016” (which is the latest District Map approved by the City Commission) and various other resources. This list is subject to change.
To find which District you reside in, please refer to the second column from the left, noted as “STREET” and the third column from the left noted as “NUMBERING” [if we have any applicable street number information on file], and locate your residence address. The first column on the left of that will be the District which corresponds with your residence address.
The Commissioners and the Districts they represent are noted below:

District 1: Commissioner Jean Hovey
District 2: Commissioner Kevin Cannon
District 3: Commissioner Ken Greenberg
District 4: Commissioner Jack Hays
District 5: Deputy Mayor/Commissioner Geoff Kendrick

You are always welcome to introduce yourself to your Commissioner or any Commissioner and may contact them at your convenience. Should you have any questions or concerns about anything in the City, you may also call City Hall at (407) 327-1800 or you can contact your Mayor or any Commissioner. All of our Elected Officials and City Staff are absolutely willing to do whatever we can to address any questions or concerns or issues you may have.

If you have any comments or suggestions related to this District/Street List, please feel free to contact the Office of the City Clerk at or by calling (407) 327-5955.