Utility Service Termination Request

Terms and conditions

Requires twenty-four hours advance notification Monday-Friday (No Holidays). Same day is our goal but is not guaranteed. Work orders will be completed within 24 hours after receipt of your request.  Termination request will only be granted if the primary customer on the account is requesting the termination. Please provide the primary’s driver licenses verification numbers in order to disconnect services.

A final bill will include base facility charge(s) and service consumption incurred from the last service read date billed to termination read date requested.

If a security deposit is on file when services are terminated it will apply to your final bill. Any refund due will be mailed four to six weeks from final bill date.

Please fill in the below request for a termination. Once received a confirmation e-mail will be sent to validate we have the termination request.

Owned  Rented


*Type your name as it appears on your driver's license.*