Winter Springs Demographics


The demographics data for the City of Winter Springs presents a growing City that is home to young, affluent, well educated, professional families. The City's housing stock is composed of higher quality, higher value and newer homes when compared to Seminole County and the State of Florida as a whole.

The City of Winter Springs has grown rapidly over the past 25 years. From a population of 18,489 in 1985, the City's population has almost doubled to 34,621. This continued, steady growth is a testament to the City's hard-earned reputation as a premier destination.

The median age for Winter Springs is 40 years old, which adds to the young vibrant community. Over 40% of the City's population is less than 34 years old! 36% of the City's population is between the age of 35 and 59. 19% of the City's population is over 60 years of age.

Median Household Income

Winter Springs residents are some of Central Florida's most affluent. The median household income for Winter Springs residents is $65,035. This amount is higher than the State and County levels of $48,637 and $59,317, respectively. The comparatively high median household income level coupled with a relatively young population creates ideal market conditions for the continued development of the professional service and retail trade sectors.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Winter Springs is one of the lowest in Seminole County. A low cost of living, comparative housing values and amenities will ensure that Winter Springs continues to be Central Florida's destination of choice.

Housing Stock

Winter Springs housing stock is one of the newest, and highest quality in Central Florida and the State. Over 70% of the City's residential housing stock was built after 1980. The value and quality of the housing stock has been improving also. In 2000, the estimated median value for a house or condo was $124,500, in 2008 that value had risen to $269,900! The median value of owner-occupied units in the City of Winter Springs is $269,900 which exceeds the median values of both Seminole County and the State of Florida at $264,900 and $226,300, respectively.

More people own their own home (76%) and fewer people rent (24%) their homes in Winter Springs when compared to the State of Florida (70%-own and 30%-rent) and Seminole County (71%-own and 29%-rent) averages.


Educational Attainment

Winter Springs residents have higher educational attainment levels than State and Seminole County averages. Over 90% of the City's residents have high-school diplomas and 38% have bachelors degrees or higher. Over 2,700 (12%) residents have attained graduate level master's and doctorate degrees.

Business Community

The City of Winter Springs business community is composed of a wide range of industries. The largest industry sectors comprising the business community are, in descending order, (1) Education, Health Care, Social; (2) Retail Trade; (3) Professional, Scientific, Management; (4) Construction; and (5) Finance, Real Estate, and Insurance. The concentration of professional services, health care and financial sectors corresponds with the City's residents high level of educational attainment and the high median income levels. The diversified composition of the Winter Springs business community represents a significant workforce resource for relocating or expanding companies. Technically skilled workers and experienced business professionals already call Winter Springs home.