Opportunity Site Two: The Town Center District

Heart of the Community and Local Business District

sites-town-center.jpgThe Winter Springs Town Center District is located at the geographic center, the "Heart", of the City. This opportunity site area is anchored by its namesake, the Winter Springs Town Center. This mixed-use development provides an urban center to the City where community cultural events and activities, such as the Winter Springs Festival of the Arts and local weddings, are hosted year-round. Ideal features that keep the Winter Springs Town Center vibrant and active with residents and visitors alike include a variety of shops and restaurants, a series of public squares, plazas, parks and greenspaces, connections to the Cross-Seminole bike trail, accessible sidewalks, gazebos and an outdoor amphitheater.

The initial phase of the Town Center includes a 54,000 SF Publix grocery store, 250 residential units, 84,000 SF of office space, and165,000 SF of retail space. At build-out, the Town Center will include over 800,000 SF of retail space, 600,000 SF of office space, 500 hotel units, and over 3,500 residential units.

Located along S.R. 434 the Town Center District Opportunity Site offers an ideal location for retail, office and residential development that benefits from it central location and more urban setting.

The Town Center District Opportunity Site including City Hall, Central Winds Park, Winter Springs High school is comprised of 54 parcels, encompassing 200 acres. Several of the largest parcels provide Greenfield development opportunities at the City core. Additionally, the City of Winter Springs provides regulatory and development incentives in the Town Center area in the form of increased dwelling unit densities of up to 36 dwelling units per acre.

towncenterback.jpgThe Town Center Opportunity District is also located in one of the City's three Seminole Economic Enhancement Districts (S.E.E.D.). This enables developers access to apply for a range of site development incentives. For more information on the incentive programs offered please see pages the Winter Springs Business Incentives.

The Town Center District Opportunity Site offers downtown amenities and features without the downtown price tag and associated development costs. It makes sense to locate your business in the Winter Springs Town Center.