Opportunity Site Three: Village Walk

sites-village-walk.jpgOpportunity Site Three is the Village Walk. Located along S.R. 434 and C.R. 419, this area is home to established neighborhoods, commercial development, retail development, and light industrial development along C.R. 419. The Village Walk Area Opportunity Site is comprised of 134 parcels encompassing 179 acres. Several of the largest parcels provide greenfield development opportunities right in the center of Winter Springs.

The Village Walk area offers neighborhood commercial, retail and reuse development opportunities along the S.R. 434 corridor. Heavy commercial or light industrial opportunities exist along C.R. 419. Several of the largest greenfield sites are located along C.R. 419.

With a close proximity to existing neighborhoods and a good supply of existing retail, office and commercial development the Village Walk Area along S.R. 434 would be an ideal location for businesses that serve neighborhood and nearby community needs.

The Village Walk Opportunity Area is also located in one of the City's three Seminole Economic Enhancement Districts (S.E.E.D.). This enables developers access to apply for a range of site development incentives. For more information on the incentive programs offered please see the City of Winter Springs Business Incentives.